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2014 PEANUT FESTIVAL 5K Registration FORM
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If you want your business or farm highlighted on the back of the PEANUT FESTIVAL T-Shirt contact Living With Purpose by phone or email. 

LIVING WITH PURPOSE is coordinating a brand new race! In conjunction with the Peanut Festival at GABBERTS FARM we will present a 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, October 4th at 7:30am. More details to be posted soon! Proceeds for this race will go toward the Jay High School Cross Country Teams and the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Living With Purpose by Matthew Dobson

(as it appeared on 6/22/14)

     There once was a young man who grew up going to church because his parents were faithful to go. Understanding his own need for a relationship with God he committed his life to Christ at 10 years-old. As the years past he grew increasingly attracted to the world and all the temptations to live it up with bad company, alcohol, and drugs. After high school he attended college and “party time” became “all the time”. When he had a brush with law enforcement his parents threatened to withdraw their financial support for his educational expenses. Despite this warning he continued living life his way and was ultimately kicked out of college. As he packed all his belongings into boxes he came across his long-forgotten student Bible. It brought up old memories. He opened it and his eyes fell on the words of Psalm 27: “The Lord is the strength of my life. In this will I be confident.” He started reading more of it, moved back home, and rededicated his life to God. His life was changed and he became a new person. He put his whole faith in God and started to follow the principles outlined in the Bible. Soon he was working at a good job and re-enrolled in a different college to take classes part-time. He disowned negative relationships of his past, chose not to touch alcohol, and happily flushed out old failures from his system. His spiritual experience was a real experience and he became a new person. He found that real life is not living as you please, but it’s being released from sin and accepting freedom in Christ.
     Some people use the excuse that sin has such a power over them that they can’t resist the allurement of drugs, excessive alcohol, and other worldly things. The powers of these temptations are greater than we are. However, there’s a power that trumps all others. John 1:12-13 says, “He gave the right and the power to become children of God to those who received him. He gave this to those who believe in his name. These children of God were not born of blood and of flesh and of man’s desires, but they were born of God”. Receiving Christ requires belief. It’s more than an intellectual belief in Christ’s existence. The essence of this belief is described in this verse as “personal trust”. This word expresses confidence in the One who gives the power to overcome weaknesses.
     Receiving Christ into your life and becoming a new person means opening your life to him. When you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, God accepts you as His child. When you really believe that Jesus is God’s Son sent to save you, then will you entrust your life to him. This kind of commitment makes you a new person, with a new heart and a new spirit. All of humankind by virtue of creation belongs to God, but those who respond to God through Christ are His children. This means that every person must become what they’re not. Only by God’s power can you be made into something new. To those who receive him and believe in his name he gave the power to overcome temptation. A person can’t rightfully claim a kinship to God unless they’ve been given that position by Jesus Christ. You don’t get to heaven by being good and kind. No person can boast that they are good enough to earn heaven. Being born into God’s family is all of God; He planned it and He made it possible. Ephesians 3:20 says, “God is able to do much more than we ask or think through His power working in us.”
The greatest joy, that can be yours, is to know there’s a divine plan to give you a better life than what you can live for yourself. New life comes not by hard work to be good, but by saying, “Yes God, I will make my new life in Christ.” God gives us a new life not so we can coast and float through life like a leaf on a breeze, but so we can channel our talents and gifts into His plan. People, who live in the patterns of the world, unknowingly find their strength in satanic power. People who think they’re living it up and don’t need God are only copying Satan. The devil inspires disobedience and will provide you an array of excuses to pick from when it comes to the church. Hypocrisy and inconvenience are two excuses people use when it comes to things associated with the church.
     Every person is born with a sin nature that repels them away from God. Humanity simply follows whatever desires for physical and mental satisfaction that comes to them. This is the picture of our moral and spiritual condition; but unless we are prepared to say, “Yes, that’s me” we will not be inclined to come to Christ for new life. The Christian life consists of following God’s plan, not by working hard to earn enough merit. What a difference it makes in motivation for living when we know God will renew us when we go to Him. Relax and trust God to work out His purposes in you.


Matt Dobson recently had his first book published and it's available for order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine distributers. You will find it to be a inspirational guide to positive and practical living. Matt offers solutions to the problems that people have to face from day-to-day. Matt is also available for speaking engagements. If your organization would like for him to speak at your next workshop or conference, contact LWP at 850-217-2603 or 850-512-4125. 

Welcome to Living With Purpose

Living With Purpose (LWP) is a personal ministry of Matthew Dobson. Through the Special Events coordinated by this ministry and through the motivational instruction that Matthew gives LWP exists to give relief from fear, anxiety, insecurity, depression, disappointment, frustration, and failures. With a combination of faith and positive thinking, he offers encouragement in the face of these challenges and Special Events that promote healthy relationships! Matthew is a public speaker and can be scheduled to speak to your organization or small group. He is dedicated to the advancement of positive thinking, positive living, and positive lifestyles.


You have a purpose for living! Let Matthew's inspiring stories help you reach down and find your own purpose for living. As you know, life is hard, but it’s full of joy, hope, and victory! LWP chooses to pursue the positive side of life and all of its potential. Feel free to contact him and schedule him to visit your organization.



Matt Dobson from the small rural town of Jay, Florida, is the only American-born runner to ever win the Walt Disney World Marathon. This record stands in the 20 year history of the Disney Marathon. His winning time in 2004 for 26.2 miles was average of 5:38 per mile!


As a teacher and Army Chaplain, Matt spends his time promoting positive living and positive encouragement to help people who need positive thinking and motivation for life. 

Not Your Basic Girl ( A voice for the Millennials who Believe in True Life

Matthew Dobson and Living With Purpose has always felt the youth of society should have a voice. Therefore, Living With Purpose will devote a portion of it's website to the latest blog posts written by Matthew's daughter, Anna Marie Dobson. She will be one voice of the Millenial generation that has the great potential of making a positive difference in our world. Anna Marie  will be attending Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia this fall.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
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Who We Are

Living With Purpose (LWP) also provides outreach, counseling, and resources to people, families, and businesses who are experiencing a much needed boost in morale, positive outlooks toward life, and a renewed vision for their life purpose. LWP seeks to treat the mental, spiritual, and physical needs of all who call. Matthew uses basic Christian principles and positive secular ideas that can be applied to any group of people or individuals. He believes in positive reinforcement and prides himself in teaching and serving through the gift of encouragement!

What Keeps Us Going

The fact people are searching for hope, help, and peace motivates our purpose. Living With Purpose has answers and programs that can help lead people to what they are searching for in life. We have a deep concern for the pain, difficulties, and struggle of human existence. That's why LWP and New Bethel Baptist Church offer programs for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical concerns. We also believe that by sharing time-tested principles for living we can help people discover the source for energy in constructive, positive, personal, and healthy social living.


On New Years Eve Matt, Teresa, Anna Marie, and David took some pics at Fort Pickens near Pensacola Beach, Florida. 

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